map command and conquer

Hey guys, I’m actually working on a map with the Command And Conquer Theme!

who have an idea post in topic please

credit to :Top Hat Waffle for he texture

Images or no one will give a shit.

Check spelling and add images so people can see your wonderful creation and respect you as a person.

wait for image i am upload that

Could you at least try to write so I could understand properly?

I’m sorry , but I can’t understand a single bloody word you are saying

Go easy on him guys, English is not his first language.

Image of map, not image of your desk with the map on the screen. In Game Images. Lit, textured, wholesome images.

Ah, didn’t see the first link. You could however add images into the post.

Also, there is no need for a poll. We map because we want to make something, not because we want to make something to please a majority.

I don’t know, it’s not everyday you get to see the desk and hovel a fellow mapper operates in.

I think his poll was meant as a way to get a collective opinion on his progress this far without bearing a shitstorm, which he may very well receive regardless. It’s how the creative process works.

is a big shit :confused:


That map looks p. cool, texture it.

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Seems to be coming along alright, would like to see it textured eventually.

Yeah, with some refinement and good texturing, it could look really good.

I think it actually looks really good.

Very bare in some places, but it’s nice, I like it.

thanks guys

sorry for the moment moment i have not a moral for continue mapping my girlfriend leave :confused:

Actually ,I think what it needs right now is a “perfercionement”

Why did so many people vote big shit, I’ve seen many maps that are much worse.

I for one like the map, keep up the good work and you might earn yourself another download.