Map Compile 11 Hours

For 11 hours, my compile is active, it fast there was no error but of the it hdr full the is not finish after 11 hours a compile
It is normal?
Sorry for my english ^^

That most definitely is not normal. What are your computer specs?

cpu : i5 6600 / gpu gtx 1070 / 16gb ram

you need to optimise your level try and read through the chapters and apply what your learn to your own level :slight_smile:

She is already well optimized, there are many of func_details, aera portal and hint / skip

Screenshots and compile? (even uncompleted ones are helpful)

Log compile in fast with no light :
Screen :

While compiling what is talking so long? have a look in the task manager. If its vvis.exe you will have to figure out how to optimize further. Other than that I dont know what exactly is causing the compile progress to take so long

Oh and those power 4 displacements shoule be made power 3 or 2 if they have collisions

Map Information :
Solids 6771
Faces : 40874
PointEntities : 4867
SolidEntities : 308
Unique texures : 493
Texture memory : 383888640 bytes ( 374.89 MB)

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yes is vvsis.exe

How much is left when only enabling world brushes, hint/skip and areaportals ?

There is a lot of hint/skip / aera portals

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How can we see has how much percentage is the compilation?

Ok but how much structure is left when you still enable world brushes because thats what the engine “sees” and has to use for vis compiling.

You can only see the progress by closing the task sadly :confused: (If its not responding as it usually does)

and I think there is still lots of potential for optimazation !

When you are where the red dot is I presume you cant see all the rest anyways to why not hint/skip it away?

map -> load portals

Go to visgroups and hide everything. You’ll see lots of blue boxes.[/t]

These are vis clusters and they can make vvis take a long time.

Contrary to popular belief, having a lot of them IS NOT A BAD THING. Having a lot of them in a large area is. Because each one has to test to see if it can see the others.

Check for cylinders, or any geometry creating a large amount of visleaves and either make them func_detail, tweak them, or remove them.


And a final thing, use func_viscluster for larger areas where everything can be seen anyways.

It looks like you’re indiscriminately placing hint brushes, you’re not using them properly. Improperly placed hint brushes can drastically increase compile times and reduce performance due to the extraneous leaves the brush creates that otherwise may not be needed.

For the most part, vbsp.exe can do a decent job of subdividing convex space inside the level, but certain situations with odd geometry can warrant the use of a hint brush, as can very specific visibility optimizations.

Until you have a firm understanding of how hint brushes work, you should remove all of them in your map, because they’re causing more problems than solving.

The compile tool output can be viewed in real time if you run them from a command console rather than inside Hammer. There are batch compile tools to do this, or you can run the individual compile tools successively (vbsp.exe, vvis.exe and vrad.exe) manually with the proper command line options.