Map Compiling Errors


I apologize in advance if I have posted this in the wrong section, but I’m having a problem with compiling a map. I am getting lots of errors similar to these when I compile a map with Hammer:

material "maps/hfg_starwarsuniverse2/pk02/pk02_wall_big01b_11519_1947_9" not found.
Material not found!: MAPS/HFG_STARWARSUNIVERSE2/PK02/PK02_WALL_BIG01B_11519_1947_9

The pk02_wall_big01b exists inside a VPK in the customConfig folder, but it seems to be adding some weird numbers after it, so it can’t find it. Is there some sort of setting I need to change to prevent this? Any help is appreciated.

This is usually due to it being decompiled and breaking sometimes it seems.

Only thing I could recommend is using the Hammer texture replace to replace all textures with those names to the correct versions.

Is this a decompiled map? If so which tool? I know BSPCompile has a built-in fix for this.

I used BSPSource to decompile the map and I used Hammer to edit it. Can you give me a link to BSPCompile. Thanks for the help.

Whoops, it might have actually been BSPSource…

Under the textures tab there should be an option to fix cubemap textures and something else about fixing textures. That usually does it for me. Maybe a few left overs, but that’s an easy manual fix.

I check marked “Fix cubemap textures” when I decompiled the map.

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Okay, I think I got the names correct now. The file names seem okay in the compile log, but it still says that they are missing materials. I’ve put the custom models from the original map into a VPK format and put the VPKs into “Source SDK Base 2013 Multiplayer\customConfig\custom”. I’ve verified that those VPKs contain the “missing” materials. Is there something I’m missing?

do you have you the line in the gameinfo.txt to read from the custom folder and if you do does it point to the folder in customConfig\custom or your mod/custom usually its the mod/custom and not customConfig\custom just check you have the vpk’s in the right custom folder

I could barely read what you just said, but I think I somewhat understood it. The folder should be called customConfig. I am using Source Multi Tool to do this and I chose “Custom Config” to open Hammer.

no what i mean’t was when hammer opens it reads the gameinfo.txt and the gameconfig.txt files, If you don’t have a line like

game+mod			garrysmod/custom/*

then hammer will not search whats in the custom folder, the custom folder also needs to be in the garrysmod folder so when the game starts the game engine can find the textures and or models

Actually, Hammer won’t read gameconfig.txt at all anymore. Nothing in GMod does. Except maybe for the map/model compiling tools, but even they should not.

If Hammer and the map/model compiling tools don’t read gameconfig.txt, then what is it used for?

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That’s already in the gameconfig.txt

It’s what is used by other Source Engine games, but not Garry’s Mod.

move your custom content from customConfig\custom to garrysmod/custom or just place them straight in to the materials and models folders but make sure you pack them into the bsp after you do a final compile

garrysmod/custom doesn’t exist. Should I create it?


Okay, thanks. I’m not on my main computer right now, so I’ll try it out tomorrow.

whats the name of the texture that you put in, since you said it added those extra things on it, and does the texture appear as a flat gray texture