Map Compiling Freezing?

When i compile my map in the advanced compiler, i keeps freezing and stops responding.
I left it yesterday compiling for over 2 hours, still stuck were it usually is. (portal flow) Any suggestions would be appreciated!

Chance is that it’s not frozen, but you just haven’t optimized it one bit. Optimize it and try again.

I don’t trust Hammer compiling my maps anymore. I manually compile it through the batch files in the Source SDK bin folders.

At least they don’t crash, but I have my cursor over the “End Process” button in the Task Manager. I don’t take chances with Valve.

Just thought you might want to know that. But the gentleman above me could be perfectly correct.

The compiler doesn’t usually crash. You might get it say “not responding”, and that is a windows issue.

Old quote from someone on Facepunch in this subforum:

The Hammer compiler basically goes into a “go away, leave me the fuck alone” state when compiling. Windows says the program has crashed, but it actually hasnt.

Well…actually hammer doesn’t constantly tell windows what is it doing, so windows assumes it isn’t responding.

I knew that. I just prefer to see progress being made.

Great, now I feel like a 12 year old who feels like he knows what he’s doing. :S