Map Compiling

Alright I’ve really been to hell and back trying to set up Hammer and its compilers, and I cannot get any sort of compiling to work. The internet is filled with a lot of outdated documentation on this, and I’m completely stumped. I’ll be mapping for Half-life 2(Gmod), and I need to know up to date info so i can get to mapping already:
What is the version of Hammer that is used as of now(SDK Hammer?), and what compilers and build programs are the most functional and compatible with everything else?
I could also use detailed and up to date tutorials/documentation on how to set up hammer to work with the compilers, and especially how to work, configure, and troubleshoot the compilers.
If anyone can help me get this up and running I’d be very grateful.

Or you could save time and just use the ep2 configuration.

I’m pretty sure my hammer is configured properly, I’m having more of a problem with compiler programs like batch and compiling in general. For starters there are a couple errors:
Could not locate ‘GameData’ key in gameinfo.txt and
!skybox/sky_day01_01*.vmt ! “Run buildcubemaps in the engine to get the correct cube maps.”
In the hammer compile it displays these and then continues and runs the map.
Then, when I compile it with batch it cant find the GameData, displays an error for every texture on the map, and vbsp freezes.
I’m thinking there’s something wrong with my gameinfo.txt file?

Skybox thing isn’t a problem.

The gameinfo.txt needs to be extracted from the garrysmodcontent.gcf and placed in your garrysmod\garrysmod folder if its not there.

I’m not really doing anything with Gmod just yet though, my Hammer is configured for and using Halflife 2 to test with. On top of that I do have the gameinfo files in the correct places, however I suppose they are missing the “GameData key” inside for whatever reason. Any ideas? Or perhaps the file can be downloaded?

The GameData error can be completely ignored.