Map Compiling

Why is it every time I compile a map such as, rp_downtown_night_v2, it never works in-game. Lighting is screwed up, skybox doesn’t work anymore, reflections are purple and black squares, etc. All I did was add zombie spawns, and I just don’t get it, I compiled every possible way, but it just wont work! Please help!

decompiling can mess up the map

I received the raw VMF from the original creator though…

Are you sure it was the original? he could have just decompiled the map when you asked him.

Wrong section, we have a whole section dedicated to mapping.

It’s called Mapping.

Actually no, mapping is discussed here, but this is still a support topic, get your facts right.

Both are right, however your thread would probably get more helpful replies in the mapping section due to people who know mapping predominantly being there as apposed to being here, unless they (like me) just see the thread title as the latest post and/or randomly looked in.

The creator of the map could have lost it and just decompiled it then gave you that, I would recommend confirming it with him just to see if that is the case.
Another possibility is he may have made some changes in the map file after his last release and forgot about it, and caused some sort of a leak in the map, fucking up the lighting.
A third but most improbable possibility is the file may have downloaded incorrectly or corrupted on either his or your side.

I would recommend also checking your compiling settings and making sure it is set to the default settings and that atleast everything is turned on and not off, like vvis & vrad.

Let us know what the verdict is.