Map Content Issue, Static and Physical Props on Server Case

Greetings, Facepunch!

Yesterday evening I began hosting my server, I have hosted servers before and know how to handle FTP, administrative things and where to put/type what. (example defaultgamemode in Con section and sv_password in .cfg)

But this time hosting I experience something I have experienced only once before, at that time I changed game mode, maps and everything and had to stick to something else.

This is about maps and their props on my server, I am quite sure it has to do with some settings or Lua part of the server content.

Once I enter my server, I soon realize that Static Props on the map, I am able to walk through them and slip through cliffs and off map since the cliffs also are static props.
The dynamic props, for example a wooden breakable box, is frozen in air and I am unable to interact with it. This only happen to Static and Physical props part of map(example world props), and not spawned by us players.

I launched the map afterwards in Single Player, there everything worked fine. Physical props dropped as they should, I could interact with them in ways even carry them with gravity gun.
Static props like boxes could I climb without slipping through them.

All addons seem to work and I have tried doing this process over again with nothing else as content on server exept the map. I have restarted server and even reinstalled.

The problem keep coming back to me and I have no idea what cause it, it is not logical. I have looked through all my administrative/system files many times. Can it be some Lua creeping around on this host’s servers?

Edit: Is anyone familiar with this or can help me with settings? Thanks in advance, truely.

Sounds like the server is missing the files for the static props.

The server needs the physics meshes for the props, otherwise players will walk through them.

make sure halflifes(s) and CSS files are installed on the server.

That is not my case, I asked a friend of mine about this problem and he said it was a “Mounting Problem”. It had a temporary fix when he looked at it and now it have returned again after I changed the gamemode back to Sandbox. But, the physical props now work properly, but the static don’t. I have no errors or missing models. Got all the HL2 games, episodes and CSS.