"Map coordinate extents are too large!!"HELP!!!

Well I just launched Hammer World Editor and I put together a great looking map. After 3 hours of building I just want to preview it! So I launch it ( F9 ) When EP 2 comes up the console pops up and says “Map coordinate extents are too large!!” I’m like WTF!!! It takes like 10 mins to decompile the fricken map! The map isn’t even that big! It’s actually quite small! How could a small map extend pass the coordinates!? I checked for errors and fixed them but that didn’t help…


If you had any part that goes some odd units far on the grid you’ll get that error. Pictures of in gammer grids showing whole map please

ok how do I insert pictures?

You might have a weird vertex editing thing that goes like 50,000 units big. Shit like that happens.
Zoom out like 10 times out of the “largest map size” until you find something big as hell, and delete it.

Upload them to imageshack or something and post the links.

no, theres a way to load an image like… [image]lololl[image] something like that…
Just how do I do that?

nope nothing just regular grid…

It’s [*IMG][/IMG]. Take away the *.

ok here, the grid:

C:\Documents and Settings\Johnny Joannou\My Documents\My Pictures\waterworld.bmp

didn’t work…

You need to host it on a site such as Imageshack or Photobucket or Tinypic.


WTF!!! NOW WHAT!!! My picture is a little box with a red X !!!


Not to be mean, but there is an edit post option.

What’s the vertical like? Just seeing a top down view doesn’t help as much as you may expect.

BTW, this problem can be fixed by going to Map>Check for problems>Fix All.
If not, delete some of the manipulated vertexes that you may have moved. regular blocks are fine, double check the geometrical shapes that you may have created.

I’m an advanced mapper now :smiley:

Good to know?

The actual error refers to a brush vertex being outside the grid, your method doesn’t always work, if you deliberately place a brush outside the grid hammer error checker won’t find it.

Sometimes using auto fix on a broken brush can make it massive for some reason, which will break your map even more. :v: