Map Crash with rp_stardestroyer b2

I was playing on the Beta RP Stardestroyer map ( ) the day before yesterday and everything just worked fine, yesterday I was trying to play on the map again. When I open the map it starts loading as usual but when it´s done loading the game crashes, I am sent back to the Desktop and get the Error “Halflife2.exe has stopped running” (I think it´s something like that, I just get the german Error ^^). All other maps do work perfect.

The problem is that I didn´t install anything between the two start ups, nor did I change any files or options in Garry´s Mod.
I even had the same problem some time ago and after deleting something in the startup options it worked again, but now I don´t have that line in it, the only thing that´s in there is -console (even without it it doesn´t work). I think the line I deleted was either -dxlevel 8 or -dxlevel 9, but I´m not sure.
I don´t really think that´s the problem, but maybe someone knows whats wrong.

I reinstalled the map, too.
And yes, I already searched Google and didn´t find anything.

I hope someone can help me.

My best guess is that the recent update to Garry’s mod undid the change you made to the start up files. Try reapplying the change you made.

Same thing’s been happenin’ to me. Then I moved on to gm_desert.

Wow, it rly worked ^^ many thanks