Map crash


Currently I am working on a fairly large map. It contains a part of a city and a countryside.

Every time when I drive with one of valve’s vehicles (Jalopy, Buggy, Airboat) on a certain spot, garry’s mod freezes and crashes. It always happens around the same spot. It doesnt crash when I drive in contraption vehicles (airboat seat and stuff). On the place it happens are no weird things or whatsoever i can think of that causes the crash. Just displacements and brushes that resemble a road.

Does anyone have a clue what could be the problem?

Thanks in advance.

The problem is probably with the displacements. Try reducing the number of displacement vertices in the vicinity.

Ok that crossed my mind, but before messing around with stuff that won’t fix it i wanted someones opninion. I will try it, and let you know in a few! Thanks.

Also, there is a static prop that is deleted, because it needs to be a “dynamic entity” - physics is the example it gives…

would this have anything to do with it also?

Also, just asking, would the LDR leaf ambient have anything to do with it? its says its very full, is all…

Yep it worked. I always use a power of 4 for smoothness. I put it on 3 and it doesnt crash anymore. You just made my more than 50 hours of work worthwhile!