Map crashes on load-up.

I load my map in gmod and it crashes instantly when it loads.

Heres a little picture.

How can i fix this?

You can fix that by gradually tracing back to the last successful compilation and filtering out possible causes. There are many things that can cause fatal errors.

This is the first compile ?

I’ve had alot of these “memory” errors before, and they aren’t necessarily on load of a map, they can also happen midgame, particularly when a lot of things are happening on the screen.

Try launching the map via ep2 and see if that happens there?

remove all fucking addons. I have only freshly installed gmod without any addons, perfect for map testing, 10 seconds game startup, and 5 seconds map loading

Close iTunes. It’s stealing your music and demanding updates which takes a lot of memory.

Use the Sdk base or something, Just not gmod

Every things fixed, thanks guys. :v: