Map crashes on startup



Do you have any power of 4 displacements?

Are you using a vehicle that drives itself? (can’t remember what they’re called)

The only one I could think of that could cause some major issues.

brush 16040: areaportal brush doesn't touch two areas

I ran it through that, but it usually says “this will stop your map from running in game” or something.

I was using displacements with a power of 4, But I destroyed them and redid the brushes that screwed up.
Also, I’ll just remove the area portal since that was a test.
I’ll see if that works

You also have some missing materials, but that doesn’t cause a crash, usually.

Yeah, I was making it with custom textures, but I the people I was making for didn’t want them.
Anyways, I got rid of the area portal, but it still crashes.
Thanks for the ideas though.