Map Crashes to Menu

I am having this really weird problem

I was on gm_ship2f spawning some cars in the cardeck and setting up for some videos

All the sudden the map crashes to the games Main menu and The only buttons that work are load game and options. Nothing else works i try to load a game it just does not work i try to press a button nothing happens but i can quit the game by the button.

My specs are

2.4 Ghz Core 2 Quad
4 GB Ram
ATI HD 4850
Windows Vista Home Premium


Try copying/pasting the console output of anything said between starting the map & the map crashing. Either that or someone fucked up your binds, binding a bunch of keys to the disconnect cmd.

Strange. My GMod crashes to emnu on that exact same map, but at Initilizing Resuourses on the loading screen