Map Crashes When NPC Spawns

I have a section of my map where a func_tracktrain hits a path_track, then stops and NPCs spawn. Everything works, though a second or two after the NPC spawns, the game crashes. Every other NPC spawn works fine. The compile log checks out fine, I’m a bit stuck. If it helps at all, I’m doing this in HL2:DM.

I don’t think NPCs work properly in HL2:DM

Just use the HL2 engine instead.

Yeah npcs always crash for people hosting listen servers, I hosted a source dedicated server for hl2dm on a map with some npcs on it and my friend played it fine but when I joined it instantly crashed.

Valve removed NPC/AI support from DM since it was determined to be unnecessary.

Then how come on hosted servers the npcs seem to work 100% fine aside from missing sounds sometimes. :confused:


Non listen servers.

Weird, I played through my map fine with other NPCs (Antlion guard, headcrabs). I’ll have to mess around with the map to replace the zombies with some other puzzle.

To clarify they removed the navigational code for some of the NPC’s, others were cut. They also cut the Airboat and Buggy for being “unnecessary” but strangely enough left the crane in.

Yeah I can only host a listen server with Vorts. No zombies/antlions/guards/combine etc are allowed in apparently. :confused:

You could just go with Synergy/Obison Conflict if you want sort of the same idea.

Weird, though if I setup a dedicated server on my local machine would that allow me to load the map?

Not really, as when I joined after trying that, it crashed. Though it played with 83 fast head crabs as my friend was connected. If you have a separate machine you might be able to install source dedicated server from the tools tab on a new steam account.

In HL2DM The only Npc’s that crash for me is:
Zombie (All)

Any else just stand there idle.

Thanks! Saved me a bit of trial and error. I can probably restructure the map a bit to avoid the NPCs.