Map crashes when opening it

Hi. So i’m having this problem where my hammer crashes every time i open my map. Other maps start well, but this one crashes the hammer at “loading chunks”.
I’ve managed to recover it by decompiling the last .bsp, and now i started saving the map to dropbox as different saves (gm_*****_save001, save002, save003 etc.) But now, just suddenly when i opened my hammer, all of the saves didn’t work again. They all crash when i start them. What is going on? Does the map get corrupted when i close hammer? They worked fine previously, but looks like when i start hammer again, the saves don’t work anymore. And yes, i have tried renaming the .vmx to .vmf

I have the hammer’s crash log if it helps. Can’t read it myself, because i’m a noob at .mdmp files.

Add me in Steam may i could help you ;D

Hmm, what did you edit before this? Did you edit any values? How?

There’s countless possible reasons why this could be happening.

Nah, fixed it myself. Decompiled the bsp again and made sure i saved it on a different filename. Now it loads fine after saving. Thread Closed.

…If only i could close the thread on android…