Map crashing game on startup

I have recently been mapping a small, abandoned city. It takes forever to compile, so when I want to test it, I put the VIS and RAD on fast (it still takes about 10 minutes to compile, hours without). However, when I go in-game the game crashes before the map can start up. I then tried to go in counter strike (not from hammer) and start up the map that way. Again, I crashed. I was wondering if anyone had a solution to this?

SOLUTION: Coppy this into another game’s map folder, and run it form there. Apperently, CS:S didn’t like my map.

you need to optimize the map, for more further information:

i have a big detailed map, almost the size of the grid limits, and it compiles in 5 mins, all set to normal

Make all things that dont really need to be extremely detailed func_detail (door frames, brush-made furniture, pillars, and the ceiling, too, I think) Remember to stick nodraw on all the surfaces nobody is going to see. Theres also a brush or something that makes the client not render anything behind it until they are past it (I cant remember how this one works, betcha someone here does, however).

That’s not the point, I really don’t mind the compile times, I just need the map to WORK. But thanks for the link anyway.

Heres a picture of what i’m workin on.

Area Portals?

I’m sorry, I really don’t see how this will help me… Although it’s still a good idea…

Thats how you can improve your compile times and make your map run better and smoother. It also drasticly increases the amount of things that you can make in your map, be it size or features.

The reason why your map may be crashing all the time is because you have set VIS and RAD on fast, and this may be creating issues that you could avoid entirely with a properly optimized map (and VIS and RAD on).


I stand corrected. A leak or something of the sort then?

Wrong again.

First, fix that skybox. You will reduce your compile time by 5 minutes at least, I promise.

Yeah, I know the skybox is newbie, but I put it on there just so that a leak could not be a problem.

ok, just fix it before complaining about compile times, as you add a ton of visleafs by doing that. Do you have any displacements that are powers of 4?

I’m not complaning about compile times! I just want to be able to get in my map! >.<
And yes, I do have a few displacements that are to the power of 4.

episode two has a known issue with 4-powered displacements that causes your map to crash when you are in the same visleaf as a 4-powered displacement. Turn them into 3-power displacements to fix the issue

Alright, I finaly got everything turned into a func_detail, now I can compile on normal settings, and it dosen’t take as long as it did before. I’m createing the map in CS:S by the way, and I’m fairly certain that CS:S dosen’t have issues at displacements that are to the power of four. but as soon as CS:S launches from compile, a message pops up saying ‘HL2.exe has stoped responding’. CS:S closes, and I’m back at hammer. I have compiled on all normal settings, so that can’t be the issue. So what the heack am I doing wrong???

I’m having a similar problem, however I’m in Ep2 engine, and it lets me run the map, but not walk… I can look around, but as soon as I walk, it crashes.

I have ensured I have no Power of 4 Displacements, and my map is optimised, it’s very small really, a test of a displacement effect.


Fixed, NO idea how, it just worked…

Hmm…I just copyed the BSP into my gmod folder, and I opeaned it in gmod and it worked! Thanks for everyone’s help anyway!