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What’s the best method for decompiling and recompiling BSPs? Everytime I recompile a map, its full of errors and materials fails :confused:

Because you’re not supposed to re-compile decompiled maps. :downs:

Fix it.

Decompilers work backwards, i’m sure if you tried to make a tomato, a chunk of meat, some flower a few eggs and some herb leaves from a dish of spaghetti bolognese you’d have a very hard time doing it, then if you took your reformed tomatoes etc and used them to make another dish of bolognese it would be the worst meal you’ve ever eaten.

This is what happens when you decompile and recompile a map.

Heh, makes sense :slight_smile:

Still, if you have time and know what you’re doing you can actually fix all the errors. You just have to analyse them and think “What caused this problem?” and then you try to find the source of it and fix it. Sometimes you only have to remake some geometry, sometimes you have to remake all decals/overlays etc.

I think thats beyond my capabilities at the moment, thanks for the info anyway. Basically. I’ve got this map, and I got the creator permission to edit it slightly, and I wanted to add a few physic_props.

I guess I could try Falco’s "AddMapProp =]

you might just be able to use entspy for that.

If you got the authors permission, can’t you get the .vmf from him/her?