Map Differs From Servers

Hello, I am currently running a server but unfortunately whenever people try and join it displays “Your Map Differs From Servers” and does not allow them to join. Are there any fixes that I could attempt to do?

Reinstall the map on the server, but get it from a known original source.

It might be corrupted.

Alternatively, it might have been updated for your clients via the workshop, but not on your server if you copied it there manually.

That didn’t seem to fix it.

You are doing something terribly wrong then.
If it’s not working then your server and clients map sources are different, you need to fix that.

Is it a workshop map? If not then they probably have it in there downloads folder from maybe joining a different version of the map. If its workshop then I dont know.

If it’s a custom map, I recommend changing the name. For example map_v1 to map _v2. If you updated the map, and your users have the previous version downloaded using FastDL, it wouldn’t update their map version.

More than _v2 he should use his server name, althought this is caused by an incorrect version

If the server and clients just used the workshop then there would be no issues.
If it’s some custom map he is making it hardly an issue to update the workshop with it and you don’t need to change file names then.