Map doesn't work properly in GMod


I’m creating map for a simple gamemode and compiling it in cstrike.
After 60 seconds in map will spawn a bridge and at the end of gamemode map will be restored to its default state for new round with game.CleanUpMap() command in LUA.

Here is map:

The problem is, that the bridge is spawned all the time in gmod and after buildcubemap it’s fine till 60 seconds.

Also I’ve tried this method to correct cubemaps:

Test with impulse 81 worked, but the reflection was purple-black cubed.
Cubemap is not priority. Main problem is bugged bridge and after that cleanup command doesn’t restore map to it’s default state. It does until buildcubemaps wasn’t builded :slight_smile:

It looks like you are using func_wall_toggle, that’s an obsolete entity left over from HL. What you want to use is func_brush and toggle that on and off instead.

Keep in mind func_brush is one of those weird entities that doesn’t reset each round so you need to manually do that.

It doesn’t work somehow. Maybe I’m doing something wrong.

EDIT: I’ve tried anything. I’m lost.