Map edit Request/Comission + Models

I understand this is for mapping but I will post my general post completely here since it’s related.

I’m looking for people to make certain models from pokemon into animated models for my tf2 halloween map and static models. It’s not too many. I had someone for it and they recently flaked after two months waiting for them… They need to have knowledge on doing collision and etc for maps so they can just send them to me and I can put them in the map right then and there.

I’m also looking for someone to edit my previous pokemon boss fight very slightly with mapping knowledge I don’t have. Such as change an attack to be the meteor storm halloween spell and just put one of the animated models there instead of my lugia or rayquaza. (You will get the prefab of one of the boss fights to edit it)

I am also looking for someone to do player models and pet models. The player models can be assigned to characters or animated. Either way If you can do any of these please contact me. You do not need to be able to do all of them, I am pretty desperate here tho to have my map done around halloween at some point in time. I have a almost 8k community this map will be for. You will be paid in keys or cash depending on what you prefer…The animations aren’t anything extreme. Things like idle animations, flying animations, etc. You will have to provide work first before payment. I have a lot of rep (sadly one of the rep sites most of my rep was on got shut down) But you can find my rep on other sites including common sense that I would not risk my reputation because I own a community with servers. If anyone is interested please comment below and we can discuss privately. I will need to see some work. My steam is

It’s been a long time. If you would like to get in touch and add me I can probably help you with your project for free.

You should probably send a req if so. I am willing to discuss.