Map editor before getting s&box

How to solve the problem of people who do not have s & box, but want to do cartography? After all, the tools for editing maps are located in the game files. And to get the editor files, you need to have the game itself.

To get out of the vicious circle, I would suggest that Newman create a link to the distribution of tools for creating and editing products from s&box.

And then I’ll move on.
I personally will not need to wait for the receipt of the s&box to start doing cartography. I don’t want to waste any time. Therefore, I would start mapping right away.


Everything is great and cool, but… why the hell should I wait for the receipt of the game to start a serious study of cartography?
To be honest, at the moment, I need the map editor itself more than the game to start a project for a future server.
Yes, yes, that server - I am looking for professional cartographers for a big project in the future

In order not to waste time waiting for the game to be received, I would like to have a map editor for s&box right away. This will make me move from my place and possibly bring my chances of getting the key closer, so that at the end of editing, I can view my work directly in the game and finalize it.

you can use half life alyx or steamvr hammer both works fine due to same engine as sbox

Tools from s&box? after all, they are also needed. Or is it possible to cope without them?

  • Are there tools for addons?

You can use any Source 2 Hammer to make maps for S&Box, you will have to use custom or dev assets as S&Box doesn’t have any assets from the other S2 games. You can use the Dota 2 (although people say it’s different), Steam VR and HL:A, you don’t even need a headset for SteamVR and Alyx

if you want to develop addon you have to wait for full game or get devpreview you told me how to get map editor not addon

Could you recommend where I can, for example, get all the necessary things to start a job? And so that you can do without shopping.

Purely with my narrow knowledge, I ran to do cartography with Hammer from Garry’s Mod, or use Hammer from SteamVR.

I don’t want to spend money on Alyx to get a map editor somehow.
And SteamVR is quite suitable for getting started?

To get out of the vicious circle, I would suggest that Newman create a link to the “distribution of tools” for creating and editing products from s&box.

Of course, I wrote this above, but yes, I needed to allocate the necessary.
You have already answered me about addons. Thanks.

And yet, it seems to me, it would be more logical and correct… so that Newman will give everyone his cartography tools and add-on creation for work.
Thus, there will be more modders, people will not stand still later, the game will develop even faster.

He was going to attract useful people to himself, wasn’t he? So let him give an opportunity for their appearance.