Map Editor?

I’m so new here lol

I have seen on servers there are Maps: Producerall

That mean we will can create or own maps?

not at this stage (and not sure that it would ever be introduced quite like that anyway). the procedural maps are randomly generated on each server, meaning that the map on one will be different in features to the next:)

Yeah, thanks you, i hope there wukk be a map editor hahaha :stuck_out_tongue:

t’would be awesome to be able to add roads, static buildings, no-build zones, props, etc to a procedural map, ingame on a server so this way server admins could set up their own mini game, arena, or theme while still utilising these new awesome biomes and environment. lets say instead of having to script to have custom settings or game modes - an admin with sufficient permissions could see and place zone and game mode prefabs, where you could open and edit script or settings.