Map error with raw VMF file?

this is the raw vmf file for city18_v1 and i edited it and im getting errors. im not sure if its the brushes or the ConVars.

The issue is that VBSP is running into errors and can’t finish compiling. I’ve bolded the issue here:

Try deleting some unnecessary brushes and compile again.

You can also try func_detailing smaller and complex brushwork, but I can’t remember if they count towards the brush limit, or the t-junc limit.

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It’s a good practice either way.

I think they contribute considering that bounding boxes count as brushsides. I assume that applies for func_detail as well. I believe func_detail only contributes to the t-junc limit if it’s making contact with a world brush.

If func_detailing doesn’t work, and you cant find any more brushes to remove, you could also look into propper. It’s a little weird to set up, but it works pretty well once you get it configured.

does turning things to NoDraw help?

No, you have to remove brushes. You’re above the brush limit, that’s what the error message is. Can you delete anything that isn’t necessary? Like detail brushes, complicated structures or sculptures, etc.

Not really no

Hes probably got some kind of brush spam from carving or decompiling.

edit: @OP use propper to turn stuff into models. More models, less brushes and you’ll stop running into your error.

He’s going to have to delete a TON of brushes, considering he’s using 17635.87% more brushes than allowed by the compile tools.

You can have up to 8,192 brushes in Source, while that map has 1,452,923+ brushes.

Someone fucked up real hard.
Doesn’t decompiling split brushes into a large number of smaller ones? I remember opening the Portal 2 maps you could make in game would be highly fucking unoptimized.
And yeah, he probably carved and shit here and there.

Depends on the decompile mode you use. In Vmex, if you don’t use the “original brushes” option it creates shittons of brushes.

That makes sense because to make an in-game editable map, all parts of the level that could potentially be moved/duplicated would have to be brush entities or dynamic models. It would be like those old Entmod maps in HL1, except way worse due to the vastly increased complexity of brushwork and models.

Carve is the best way to run out of compile resources REAL quick and the worst way to make levels. Sadly Valve has level designers that have pretty much continually made use of carve since their founding. Almost every HL1 map has had carve used in it, as well as most of the official HL1 mods (BS, OP4, TFC, DMC, etc.) Even HL2 didn’t escape carve. Have you looked at the Nova prospekt VMFs? Christ they’re terrible. They try to cover up their terribleness with badly places occluders and areaportals.