Map floor plans

Floor plans (birds-eye layouts) are an essential part of starting a planned map. So, what method of creating a floor plan do you use?

Here’s what I’m aware of (I’ll be adding to the list as people respond):

  1. Pencil and graph paper (no link here, folks)
  • Nice and handy, but problematical if you don’t have a scanner.
  1. Computer software:
    a. Google Sketchup (
  • A basic 3D construction app, free of charge.

b. Google Images (

c. I’ll be adding to the list as more methods show up in the thread.

I have a moleskine notebook full of dream sketches, lines of confusing code with a ton of scratched out lines, and map floor plans. It’s pretty awesome to look back at an old dream or map layout and see if you can map it…

Me, I’m not so organized. I have tons of pieces of graph paper just floating around with ideas on them. I should really start a compilation…

I use reference pictures majority of the time, and I seemingly add them together with what I would think makes sense.

Yeah, me too. Whenever I’m formulating a map idea, I always peruse Google Images and find what mostly fits the thing I want to create.