map foliage?

the grass that is 2d sprites. how do u put thoughs on the map. i cant figure out how they work. i got them to work once but i dont know how. please help. im sorry if i explained it bad. but like when u have grass. and on the grass is 2d sprites of grass. that kinda follow u in there direction. thats what im trying to get

Sounds like you want to fiddle with the detail props.

…What if I want to make my displacement details trees…? Hmm… do they need to be sprites? hmm…

yes, look in the DODS detail sprites. they have a selection of sprites that create trees. you need to copy “skybox_trees_flash” from the detail.vbsp to run it.

Speaking of foliage, how am I supposed to make a desert map when there are two cacti?

Make some?

Good joke

I would love if someone could write a tutorial on using detail sprites as well as custom detail sprites.