Map for GMod Minecraft - Dynamicly Generated Terrain

Recently I have been working on a Minecraft Style Gamemode for gmod using dynamicly generated terrain to make beautiful and different landscapes every time. The problem
is that, since this mod generates its own landscape I need a map which basicly goes against everything a traditional mapper strives for. I need a map as simple as possible and as big as possible with its center exactly at 0,0,0 and a 3D skybox to support day night. I imagine such a map would be trivial for anyone with any skill at mapping, unfortunately however im a strictly lua guy and could not map to save my sole.

To give you guys an Idea of my work here are a few pictures:

While this looks very nice here is what the problem is:

Now admittedly players will never be able to see this, but that is not the problem. The problem
is that flatgrass is a very well made map with alot of details in it, details that cost rendering time and take up space etc… Stuff that just generally shouldn’t be there.
so i ask of you, the facepunch community to take 5 minutes any time you are bored to create a map with a center at exactly 0,0,0 as large as possible and with a 3D skybox capable of supporting garry’s day night entities.
As an additional detail a stone ground would be nice. Or what ever texture you think would look nice for bedrock in my new minecraft type gamemode.

For more info on the project check out the general discussion thread:
with far more screenshots and technical information


A big open map with no detail? Oohhh, yeah, that’s gonna cost extra…

Try this map. Doesn’t have day/night cycle but has everything else you were looking for.

That map wont work for my purposes… It really must be completely flat without any ground details if I am to use the ground for bedrock which would be nice since it can potentially save a great deal of processing power.
Thanks for the suggestion though :slight_smile:

you can use skypaint / lua to simulate day and night

Right, compiling. Sorry for the delay, I had to do some stuff first.

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Untested, but here.

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Forgot to add a floor in the skybox, reuploading.

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Ah, forgot to scale textures! Working on it.

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Last time i saw something Minecraft-releated, it was that old Gamemode and the SWEP.

This one will be even better for sure.
Well done!

Ill test this tonight if I have time and upload a pic :slight_smile:
Have english finals tomorrow though so might have to wait til tomorrow.

Thanks so much for the map :slight_smile: I’ll keep you posted on the progress. U can add me on steam if you like, name is the same. (Or I can add you)

Make sure you remember to capitalize “English”

And unless you’re talking about the sole of your shoe, remember it’s “soul!”

Wait, this seems really promising: are the blocks breakable or is it just physics for now?

What I want to know is how he culled the faces.

Right now its just pretty blocks with terrain generation, i havnt had time to add any physics yet or breaking, but I do intend to add it and it shouldnt be terribly difficult to do.
At its core its a very efficient system for storing information about extreme numbers of blocks requireing very high insertion and deletion speeds.

If you want more info about it you should post in the general discussion thread :slight_smile:

Any mapper with just a little knowledge of Hammer could whip this up in 5 minutes. I don’t mind doing it, if you still need it. Just let me know the exact size. PM if you’re interested.

[Is this good?](

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Shouldn’t the faces be rather nodraw to save up rendering costs? Also, I have a nice amount of MC skyboxes if you want, along with an animated cloud layer that could be placed in the 3D skybox.

In responce to a number of your comments:

Firstly I have received a few map submissions but i am always open to more as the final gamemode will need a few maps to provide servers with some variety. You should include a 3D skybox preferably with custom textures, and a bedrock material floor of your choice. Bedrock can be your own interpretation as you like as the artwork in this gamemode will not be strictly minecraft themed, minecraft is simply a genera that encompases what I am trying to create.

Please send me your submissions at as that is the easiest way to contact me.

In responce to some other questions about the technology, physics support is now working as of today, before it was just rendering. A very complicated and fast algorithm is used to determine if blocks should be rendered or not allowing for signifigant savings in processing time. There is some small overlap between chunks to eliminate gaps that form for reasons a bit too complicated to explain here.