map goes fullbright when i add water

yes, its me again.

so this has been on my back for a while. i have added plenty of visclusters, i have made test maps to see if water works on other maps.
i discovered that the water does not affect lighting as long as the water block is a smaller size. but if i try dividing the water up into smaller sizes, it doesnt like it and remains breaking the lighting.

with water, the map is fullbright

without water, HUZZAH! LIGHTING!

heres a compile log:

so whats your verdict?


you could try pasting your compile log to interlopers (did it earlier on yours but i have no idea how to check for errors, it seems to be listing endless problems that just looks like the whole index)

did you fit the water brush in properly and made sure theres a world brush under the water?

I could be wrong, but it looks like VRAD doesnt finish for some reason

definitely a world brush under the water. 100% no leaks. the whole map is within a skybox brush. i always do a leak check before i run my maps.

its very likely due to a leak, something is causing a leak and on rare occassions hammer wont report it as such

did you make sure world brushes are placed under the displacements’ brush grid?
i literally have no idea whats causing hammer to shit up on your map (neither does hammer)

vrad is the problem here, i would try selecting all and edit texture, and increase lightmaps to 16,32,64 the higher the number the less shadows, and the less time vrad takes to compile. or do alt+p to check for errors, i see ‘2 degenerate faces’ on compile log, also i had this problem when using displacements in water, have you nodrawn the displacements properly?

when you say “have you nodrawn the displacements properly?”

what do you mean by that exactly?

before you turned them into displacements, were all flat sides that arent turned into displacements have been textured with nodraw? you can still do it by clicking on the ‘DD’ mode icon thing on the top tray

you mean i am supposed to put a nodraw layer over the water?

i havent used any nodraw textures. i will be sure to try that out.

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ok i have applied a layer of nodraw over the water brush. thats brought the shading back but it makes the water invisible and basically makes an invisible ground over the water.

i have divided the map into 4 sections. all the sections are divided by func_visclusters. no brushes go through the viscluster boarders. the water has also been divided so that it does not clip through the viscluster.

i meant nodraw the entire displacement, then texture the only part of the displacement that’s visible, the water should all be nodraw also apart from the surface.

Disable HDR and compile again

call me retarded but i dont get it. how am i supposed to nodraw them but not nodraw the visible side?

bumpity bump?

Create the brush you wanna just as a displacement, make sure it uses the nodraw texture on all sides, then turn it into a displacement and then toggle the water texture on the top face, simple. All sides will then be nodrawn, while the top surface is water.

crap that means i have to recreate my displacements mesh’s?

That is one alternative, but it should be possible to just use the texture tool and apply the nodraw texture on all sides except for the side you wish to be visible. Like this for an example, a square block with a water texture applied on the top surface, while all other sides are using nodraw:

Uh I’m pretty sure you’re not suppose to use nodraw on displacements, and you are suppose to use the displacement tab to destroy the other sides.

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However this is the correct method to make water.

Yeah that might be the correct way to do it, I have never had to make a displacement which only uses one side so I don’t know how Hammer reacts to nodrawn faces.