map help.

i need ur ideas on what i can do to my rundown room map.i would like help to make it better seens i am new at making maps.

Make it smaller, put some better textures on the walls, more detail and add lighting.

Try using [noparse]

or [/noparse] for the image next time.

For the map itself, its boring, fullbright, and doesn’t look like a rundown room. Add more trash, lighting and broken things.

Woah. Um, where to begin. Well, first and foremost, unless you’re going for a horror themed map where ghosts have possessed the furniture, don’t make it float. Second, don’t mix Portal props with Half life textures, and vice versa, it just looks weird. Although if you’re going for rundown, definitely use the Half Life textures, it’s what they were meant for. Make the room much shorter; I’d bet money that the rooms in your house aren’t that tall. Use the “info_player_start” entity for reference in Hammer. If you’re going to keep the textures on those walls (which I strongly advise against), tone down the lighting, as it gets kinda bright. Oh, and add lights and light sources (you know, props of lamps and ceiling lights and whatnot). It looks lazy when light is coming from nowhere. Wait, it’s fullbright? Just read the above post. definitely fix that. Plus just make it generally darker; a rundown house wouldn’t have such good working lighting. If that thing in the first picture is supposed to be a closet, welllll… get rid of it. It looks completely unnatural and the texture clashes with the rest of the room. Put more work into it. Um, divide up the room with more furniture, preferably not all standing or positioned like you’d see in your average home; it’s supposed to be run down, right? Then you’d want them realistically tipped over and thrown out of position. Break up the floor also with a rug or something. Um, maybe have the walls and ceiling literally broken as well, with holes and whatnot. Actually, depends on the theme you’re going for though, like if you want it to look like it was attacked by something do that. If you want it to look really old and abandoned, add a lot of trash and graffiti decals. Other than that, just generally improve the architecture, add more details, and extend it further (although I’ll give you the benefit of the doubt and say you were probably going to anyway).

AHHHH WALL OF TEXT! Well anyway after you’ve read that, even if you think you’ve got a grasp on it I’d recommend looking here:

Oh, and here are the pictures in media tagged form for anyone else:

thanx for the help but size is not an option for me.

Why not…?

Don’t do that!

Average room height: 128 units

Normal player height: 64 units (not 72!)

Average doorway height: 112 units (56 units wide, 4 unit frame all around inside that)

average table/countertop height: 40 units


Very strongly recommend that you remake that room to 256x256x128

Ok ok. That’s just what I do so I at least have some approximation of the scale of the room compared to the player. You could go with Magman’s dimensions or just use any prop (like a door or couch or w/e) for reference as well. Just saying it can help.

Edit: Ah yes I see this was worded very poorly. I’m sorry I was directing the below question at the OP.

Oh and no offense meant but is English your first language? Because I’ve been reading your posts from your other topic and your grammar… isn’t the best.

My English? :ohdear:

Also your suggestions are good but actually I got the measurements off of the developer textures.


I read his posts too, I sure hope you are talking about him. :byodood:

His English seems fine…

my main proplem is the lay out of my map.

Your map is too big for the current scatter of props. Add a few lights in there to make it not fullbright. Brushes can be added for detail, but really the room needs to be made smaller.

Also, work out what your theme is. If it is human, don’t use combine props and textures. If you are going for realism, don’t use tf2 textures.

Also, think about the props you are putting down. You currently have such a mish mash of props i think you think look cool, rather than if they fit with the overall theme. Work out the theme, then use props and materials to suit, rather than dumping props then working out a theme around it.

Also, the ceiling is too high…way too high.

Yes, I was, sorry for the confusion.

I’ll assume you’re thinking I was talking about Magman, which I wasn’t.

Oh, and no, it’s not. I was trying to be nice but seeing as you’re either trying to defend some parts of it or are blatantly ignorant of some of it’s shortcomings, I’m afraid I’m going to have to bash it. The map, frankly, is horrible. It’s fullbright, blocky, empty, undetailed, and completely lacking in atmosphere. And THEN there’s the layout. Work on those other points first, explained a lot better in my above post, and then worry about the layout.

And why the hell isn’t it? Look dude you can’t have possibly put much more than 30 minutes into the architecture of this map. You could probably just grab the walls and drag them down a few hundred units, then grab the ceiling and bring it down separately. That is if you want the room to still have the same look, which I really don’t recommend.


Roughly 5 minutes in a 256x256x128 unit room.

Also, this is an example of sticking to one theme.

I can’t see anything…

Than your monitor sucks or the image (1680x1050) isn’t loading. Or you just have bad eyes.

Its a dark combine room lit only by the monitor. Hence staying with the theme.

dose any one know how to shrink a model? also what the difrence of prop_phsics and prop_phsics_multyplayer?

I does.

You need a prop_scalable




I like how you’re ignoring all the completely valid criticism and ideas for improvement you’ve already received. And if you’re not you could at least say “Thanks I’m working on it” or something.