Map Hotspots

As I’ve explored the map, I’ve noticed in the chat log that a lot of people talk about “The Hanger.” I’ve never seen this hanger and don’t know where it is. Can anyone give me some direction as to where it is? Also, maybe we can discuss other (what I’m assuming) popular areas in the map?

The hanger is at southwest bend of the main road

Further north bend is what most call The factory

Hotspots shift alot, but gather mostly more people at plane care-package drop sites,
else sure bet is always along the main road close on either side

The east town is a pretty good town to loot. It has low radiation and about 13-14 loot boxes. Plus the land above the town is always ripe with resources

[edit remaking map]

Omg i have been gathering from Escos place…RUNNNN

Maybe thats why i got raided 2 times on first day :frowning:

most have moved on, old names that I recall right now

Nice to know I’ve been living next to Choco for the past month, wait how long has it been since the map has been reset? Seems like ages.

Think they all moved, dunno, knock knock