Map Idea - Suggest, Inspire this map - sb_FloatingSky

What do you think would be a good idea? maybe some interactivity?
Also for some reason this was flagged by the system for some reason


You can do it, I believe in you

Add a counter strike man

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idk you might need to pay a pro to do that

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Minecraft Skyblock, Very cool.


also give the counter strike man a funny gun

This is the most advanced map I have seen, I’m not sure it can be done I’m afraid.


This is a sneak peak of what I have done so far (sky is place holder)


im sorry to be a nag but where the hell is the counter strike man? he is supposed to be step 1 in mapmaking!

who is it?

this one

multilevel landscape, underground locations inside the flying islands.

This will take years to do, good luck my friend.

Ah yes, game not even out yet, the “specific” maps are already starting. Good to see that after 15 years the community is still the same. Good luck man, and most importantly have fun! I believe in you!

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Also im starting work on my own skybox for the map! Also new screenshots and more islands coming soon!


Thanks :slight_smile: you make me motivated

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Added custom skybox! more islands and more to come! will become public when ever sbox comes out


tbh making some sort of Skyblock-inspired gamemode in gmod/s&box could be very interesting. You could expand your island out with various props and maybe even turn it into a sort of competitive thing with multiple islands.

Looks good so far, i hope you can add the funny counter strike man

I cant really find a model in hla