Map Ideas/Themes

I’m bored of making my school map, so I was wondering what you guys think I should make next.

A university map

make a underground villains’ lair that would be found in an Austin Power’s movie.

Space ship Crap, wild west. Maybe remake the hospital from house m.d. (since your avatars is house)

How about a mansion on top of a hill, that has a few secrets hidden within?

Theme: post-apocalypse

You can add your own twists to it.

Want a long project? Turn gm_bigcity into a new york. rp_bigcity

Recreate this, should keep you busy.


if anyone was interested this is the interior of my City’s Cathedral, absolutely amazing place. Want more pictures just have a google for “Norwich Cathedral”

make a jail

Make a mountain fortress.

A maze map?

make a space-station, or a spaceship, or a spaceport, or a space prison

something space related

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Make an underground cold-war KGB bunker with a pizza hut covering the entrance. :smile:

A Xen recreation?

This without pizza hut :v:

Don’t worry, I’m already making a highway :quagmire:

Make a small town on the bay overlooking some major city.