Map ideas

I am planing on making a rp apocalypse. I am using most of my ideas from the discovry new show The Colony. I am going to make a factory with a bunch of side rooms, a destroyed inner city and a raider camp. Thanks in advance

make it have a bomb shelter

good idea

Don’t post telling us your plans, we don’t give a toss about plans. Post when you’ve made some actual progress and got some decent in-game screenshots. -.-


Now what? Will this map be ready for viewing in hours, days or weeks? What was the point of adding yet another zero content thread in the mapping forums?

maybe, put an outskirts of the city where people could explore a less crowded destroyed depressing environment?

Wouldn’t be very apocalyptic then would it?

make a trade center some were in the ruins.

Is that very polite?

yes it was. and its true.

It’s neither. Post apocalyptic works well if you don’t try and offend people while you are at it.

you dont even know what we are talking about.

Really? What type of trade centre are you on about?

I think there’s a misunderstanding. When you say trade center, it generally is in reference to the Twin Towers. Which, by putting it in the map can be considered disrespectful.

oh, i thought you were talking about the PM :stuck_out_tongue:

i was just saying an area in some ruins were people go to trade.

wasn’t referring to the world trade center.

okay this is whats happing the map has had some proggression but i have unfortantly been the lucky one to find a bad virus on my coumputer. so i have to take it to the geek squad. probaly take a week to get back going on it. also good idea on the trading post.

ps:also if your wondering how i posted this it is my ipod touch