Map Is Breaking

I’ve been having this issue with my map ever since I compiled it and got the “vis decompression overrun” spammed in my console. I deleted about half of the map’s displacements and replaced them with brushes, but the map still appears as though parts of the floor and walls are nodrawn. I no longer get the console spam, but the effect remains.

Here is the compile log:

There are no leaks in the map.

Edit: So the map no longer launches at all. Instead it gives me the error message:
The command failed. Windows reported the error: “The system cannot find the file specified.” Do you want to continue?

You may have some invalid geometry sitting around somewhere, that’s all I can really give.

Well I seem to have fixed some of it, but now all the game does is launch and sit at the menu.

Here is the “updated” compile log. It looks like vvis and rad are failing to open the bsp. Any ideas why?

basicly when you made the displacement you had the whole brush selected and not just the top plain, destory the displacement and remake only selecting the face you want to be a displacement

the .vmt of the textures is missing a } on one of the lines easily edited in notepad ++

looks like your using a corrupted model

Turns out, the map wasn’t launching because of me trying to use S.T.A.L.K.E.R. props. There was nothing wrong with them in the editor, but I guess they’re not compatible now.