Map is fine on single player. Lot's of shiny things on my server.

Like the title says. My map I made is fine on Single Player mode but when I host it on my online testing server it has all of these shiny textures. I’m assuming it’s a specular issue or cubemap thing I just don’t know how to go about fixing it and I lack experience.

Before you ask I did google this a few times so don’t reply to me a “Let me google that for you” link.

Other screenshots of the map when it’s normal.

(I’m Nostalgic_Console)

Thanks in advance. :smiley:

Have you built cubemaps for the LDR lighting mode?

If not, do “mat_hdr_level 0” and then enter “buildcubemaps” in the console.
Don’t forget to do the same for HDR - “mat_hdr_level 2”.

Wow! Thanks for the fast reply. I’ll try it now. :slight_smile: