Map is Fullbright [VRAD Help]

It’s not my mat_fullbright 0.

The situation is, I have two computers, and one map.

One of my computer is faster, so I use that computer to compile the map, but it doesn’t have all of the textures.

My second computer has all of the textures, but the PC shuts off / crashes when I compile too long. (I need to clean out the fans, but still.)

So I compile on my fast PC, it takes 13 hours using half of the proccessor, with StaticPropPolys and TextureShadows, LDR and HDR. (I ALWAYS use VBCT to compile, and have had NO issues with it on ANYTHING. So it’s not that.)

It’s fullbright, so I just recopy over all of the files;

And compile with VBCT. I ONLY run VRAD, with StaticPropPolys and TextureShadows, LDR and HDR.

It compiles;

But I still get fullbright BRUSHES ingame. (Props are fine, and a small smidget of brushes are fine.)

As seen here;

I know this means missing textures, but I don’t have any on this computer, as they show up in hammer fine, and the directory is fine, and it doesn’t say anything in the logs.

What I think is happening is that the VRAD that I’m compiling on this PC isn’t overwriting the older VRAD.

Is there a way to rerun VRAD in a way to witch it overwrites the old VRAD?

The problem is that vrad doesn’t have any color values of the surfaces to embed the lightmaps into. So to compile the map, you need all the textures.

Can’t forget the fact that you skipped vbsp and vvis, so the compile tools don’t even know what its compiling.

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Also doesn’t help the fact that you are using a decompiled map.

Decompiled? Well it was originally a valve map (most of it), so I guess that’s true.

What I’m saying, FireGod, is that I ALREADY compiled VBSP, VVIS, and VRAD, onto a .bsp.

I’m trying to RERUN VRAD on this computer, as it has all of the textures, and overwrite the old VRAD.

And it does know where to write to as it’s in the compiling directory where it would be if VVIS and VBSP were compiled with it.

I’m trying to re-run/overwrite VRAD.

It doesn’t work like that, you need to compile with VBSP, VVIS, and VRAD on normal. Each time you compile it over-writes the previously compiled bsp.


Thanks for the help anyways.

Back to waiting for 13 hours.

Glad to have such a helpful community.

Thanks again!

13 hours?

There is absolutely no reason the map should take anywhere near that long to compile. Either the map is horribly broken from being decompiled or was built completely wrong and has zero optimization.

Optimize your map man. You have “VERY FULL” message everywhere.
Use func_detail etc.

The map is pretty much three L4D2/L4D maps in one, and to top it off, it has no optimization and it’s f*cking huge.

I don’t mind the wait. 13 hours is only when it’s using half of my CPU (2 cores) instead of the full four.

I know how to optimize, and to me, it’s not worth it. I’m not going to updating the map again, and it would take me weeks of work to optimize such a map.

Also, the weird thing with compiling on my other PC, the textures show up fine in hammer, it must be an issue with VBCT.