Map is too small

I logged on into UK2 today, excited to start a journey in RUST and build my little house. Little did I know that before I could reach 10 minutes I had been killed 4 times. 3 times by a random guy shooting me in the face and calling me a bitch as I slowly fell to my death.
Wherever I spawned there were no resources, If I got so lucky to find a rock or a wood pile in the wast jungle of empty raided houses I got killed before I could make a foundation, or starved to death during the night.

The playable map is too small, It should be a priority to add more land to play on because currently its basically an FFA where nobody wins except the op raiders since the last wipe. It shouldn’t be a problem adding in resources where the map is empty right? Adding maybe larger forests for people to hide better?

Also I would like to know when the next wipe will be, nothing worse than logging in naked, wasting 10 hours running away from kevlar raiders, making a wooden shack then getting a server wipe.

Merry Christmas

I dont think, they will extend the map now, learn the map, learn to hide from others if u play alone, get friends and play with them, this game isnt meant to play alone in actual stage.
I hope it helps…

Currently the best fix for this is to play on low-pop servers. At least until they expand the map to have more resource nodes.

You’ll be amazed when you play on a server with < 20 people. There’s actually resources!! And still enough people around to be fun. I think server pops should max at 50 the way things are now…

I agree, 50 people should be max, good input.
However I am always afraid playing on a community server because it usually isn’t up for a long period of time. Bad admins abusing players and other things can happen.

The Official Server has 100 Player and more.I agree with you that this mass of Players are too much for this tiny map.

The Idea to reduce Players down to 50 per Server ist nice.

As it would said,search an Server with less Population

Yes, I played for a long time, got a good spot and everything. But getting to that stage takes a long time, currently some people are standing on so many satchel charges they could raid every building on the server twice over. The probability of loosing everything you got in the current stage of the game is to damn high, not worth the risk or the time playing it, at least on the official servers. There are other problems playing on community servers.

I have been playing on servers with a max of 20 people on during my play times. One friend and I, managed to build a massive 5x3 base that was 4 stories tall, and had a massive tower on top of that. We could see any potential raiders in the night time running with their torches long before they could ever see us.

Key to this game is to find a good community server (right now) with low-ish population with an admin who isn’t being “un-fair”. I could care less if they spawn in a massive building of their own (they paid for it, you’re on their dime) but wiping server when they fail-raid your base is just wrong.

I wouldnt say the map is too small, but I do know most of the areas completely. You just gotta be smart ;D

I agree with going in low populated servers, me and my buddy have had a lot of success. When I started out I died about 10 times. Even after almost having enough to craft a metal door I died, its frustrating but its part of the learning curve of the game and although dying certain ways can be frustrating in the end I found it too make you learn faster. To survive I tend to never stop running until I find food & resources, try and avoid people as much as you can, cause most will end up killing you.

Kind of went off track,
Id like to also have the map bigger, just so people can have a harder time finding you, especially in a 200 pop server its almost inevitable that you will be found before you can make a steel door, putting you out there for killing.

It has been officially stated that the map will be expanded in the future. As for the server wipes, unfortunately there is not any information on it. I recommend you follow Garry Newman on twitter, and check the site regularly. They MIGHT give a headsup.

C4 actually takes a surprising amount of resources. So take pride in every C4 you force them to waste!

Low pop is the way to go for a lone newbie. Managed to build a 5 storey tower next to a rad town, checked out most of the weapons and armor. It does get a bit lonely but the very few encounters with others that i had are worth a film script, tense…!
Another way - set your alarm for 3am and get kitted out before the server becomes full. Still, a full armored loner won’t have a chance against a group.

Just join my server it normally sits at 30 atm its at 12/250 its noob friendly PVP Sleeper.

Check out

Ill keep that in mind if me and my bud want a lower pop server but right now were pretty much all set.

I think it’s great to have such a small map. I followed the same guy for an hour yesterday serenading him with the bear force

I have jumped from server to server because of hackers and griefers. In the process, I have learned a few things:

  • There are plenty of places to hide away from the road and rad facilities. On one busy server my base has yet to be found.
  • If you run across griefers and gankers on a server, move on and find one with nicer people and breathing room.
  • Official servers are over-rated. Community servers are some of the best I have played on. Most don’t have active admins who abuse their power. A low population server is the best to join.
  • Get used to practicing stealth whenever possible. It goes a long way.
  • Unless you have friends nearby, kill on sight. Sometimes you make the best friends afterward when the person turns out to feel the same as you. You’ll know by the response in chat.
  • Use proactive tactics in your area, like fake shacks raiders can’t resist. Flood the place with them, they won’t be able to resist the easy pickings. Putting these in populated areas keeps the raiders busy and reduces their resources by wasting their time.
  • If you’re not good at front on confrontations, use stealth and sniping instead. Stalk your prey and disappear as fast as you can. The bow has huge range if you learn to use it.
  • Stay away from towns. All you need are resources and a nice quiet zombie spawn spot. Both are readily available.
  • When not in PVP mode, carry only bare essentials, so that if you die you don’t lose anything of value. You can farm just fine with a bow. This makes naked players unappealing to KOSers.
  • Spread your wealth over the map in strategic locations so that your eggs are not in one basket.
  • Learn direct routes from-to key points on the map.
  • Stay out overnight in key resource areas to maximize your haul.
  • Circle a node as you pound on it, to view your surroundings and to not be caught off-guard.
  • It takes quite awhile for a server to get populated because the raiders and griefers want other people to interact with. A low populated server will give you ample time to get started before the population arrives.

Low Pops so far are the fairest if you can find that diamond in the rough.

I wouldn’t reccomend this due to this:

Do not advertise a server where you abuse your powers as an admin.

I don’t think they’re actually expanding the map, they’re just going to be expanding the resource spawns to cover the whole thing. Right now the only usable portion of the map is tiny (something like 2km x 2km), and the rest is barren wasteland. I think they said the full expanded map would be 8km x 8km (juust barely brushing up against the precision limits of 32 bits - 10km before you lose millimeter precision and things start feeling jittery).

Lootable Map is currently 6km x 6km, whole map is 256km, finished map will be 64km and will be filled with resources and mobs. It’s only small right now to force interaction for testing purposes.