Map isn't loading with entities

Fixed it. The VMF messed up somehow and was loading all entities with empty classnames. Alongside that, all point entities were missing so I had to recreate them.

The map I’m making isn’t loading the entities when I run it.
All of the brush entities disappear (including func_details), leaving only world brushes, and only info_player_start/light_environment seems to work.

The console also get spammed with this message while it loads:

Compile log for those that want to look in it

This has been fixed already, look at the top of this post.

could not find lights.rad in lights.rad

Vrad.exe couldn’t find lights.rad, a file used to determine which textures can emit light by themselves.

Move to/make a new lights.rad in the right directory. You should search for the file in your mod’s directory, most mods have one.

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