Map isn't showing textures for others

I’m pretty sure bsp’s have the textures in them but nobody can see them.

I’m having the same problem

Have you packed the bsp?

Packbsp says that it requires clientregistry.blob which isnt there anymore

the clientregistry.blob should be in your steam folder

It’s not anywhere in the steam files and people are saying steam doesn’t use it anymore

ah yeah i just read the warning in the link

 Warning:Currently, this tool does not work at all if it cannot detect the old Source SDK at \SteamApps\[steam_username]\Source SDK\ which makes it somewhat unusable with the new SteamPipe update that moved all game folders to ]SteamApps\common\ -- until someone fixes it and releases new binaries, 

PackBSP has other issues as well.
I recommend using VIDE, hasn’t been updated since 2013, but still works for packing maps and has a few other nice tools as well.

I did everything you guys said and some things are still missing textures, not everything, just some things.

What things specifically?

Check with pakrat if you have the textures packed in the bsp.

VIDE worked. Thanks :slight_smile: