Map lagging bad

My my is lagging bad. I’ve deleted prop’s, and a lot of thing’s. I made it smaller, but it still lag’s. Any one know what this is?

Your computer?

Use this.


Have a box.

processor: e8400 3.00ghz
ram: 4.00gb
64-bit windows 7
Geforce 9600gt

Firegod I have done optimization to it to hell and back, but the punk don’t want to work

How bad is it lagging?

7 fsp

You must not of optimized it right.

most of not. if you look in one spot the fps goes up to 100, and then when you turn around it drops down to 7

Do mat_wirewire 3 in console and look what the problem is.

Give as some screens or the vmf/bsp so we can see what it is. That is if you want to give it out.

no lag


Try adding a env_fog_controller, and use far zclip. It doesn’t render further than the distances you set.

Its way to much displacements to render, to what Snapster said

and the tree line at the back could be just one model, if you cant/shouldnt go there.

off topic but that map looks awesome.

Not so sure it’s the displacements causing it.
A map I made has ~1600 in, all rendered at once still gives a mid range pc FPS of about 80.

Displacements are pretty cheap to render, mostly just increases compile time.

give somebody else the .bsp and see if laggs with them, I could just be you but you might want to check.

Here is what I would do.
I’d select parts of the map that I thought might be causing the FPS drop, and place them into Visgroups, such as displacements etc.
I’d then compile the map without the selected Visgroups, gradually placing them back into the map until I find the cause.

It might also be worth trying this console command. “+showbudget” That should tell you exactly what’s eating your system.

Not at all.
Displacements are “cheaper” to render than normal brushes.