Map Layout Idea

Depending on backstory and lore, I think the map should be have a layout as follows:

City Center
Here is the major radioactive zone. Abandoned buildings loaded with resources and treasure, zombies by the dozen, and heavy radiation. Full rad suit recommended for exploration.

City Outskirts
Slightly less radioactive. Zombie ridden, though not as heavily as the city center. Abandoned buildings loaded with resources. Rad suit recommended but not necessarily required.

Suburban Area
Even less radioactive zone. Small abandoned houses can be found here, plop a door on it and call it home, or build nearby if it is already taken. Watch out for zombies hiding in houses, they might get the drop on you. Few resources found here.

Rural/Countryside Area
Furthest “circle” outside of the city. Not irradiated, or radiated in very small patches. Animal-heavy, lots of trees and rocks, perfect for harvesting. Also ideal for building. Not very many abandoned buildings or zombies, but you will find stragglers out here.

Mountains, Streams, Valleys, and Everything Else
All other zones are found farther out, or sporadically found in other zones. Less life found on mountains, but more rock/tree resources, lots of animal life near streams, and valleys are a good gathering place for both. Any other sort of land would fare similarly or differently depending on extremeness of climate and terrain.

Criticisms welcome!

I just don’t think anything urban should be in the game, from the suburbs down i can see

In my opinion, rust is about surviving and thriving.
You know, rebuilding society.

Urban areas filled with zombies and loot just don’t fit that.
I’d delete the zombies all together and just add more animals, rivers, trees, maybe some berry bushes and zome different resource types (extra ore types, maybe some plants like hemp to make rope).

I would probably most welcome bigger landscape with more rivers/cliffs/etc. and some options that would encourage trade and the formation of towns.
Maybe by making the map bigger and making it so that certain prints only spawn in certain areas, players would gain more out of trading.
After all, shooting someone only gives you access to some of their prints, while trading with them potentionally can get you all of their prints.

I’m looking forward to hear you guys’ opinions on this.

I agree

That sounds pretty cool. Imagine a town vs town war, now that’d be epic :stuck_out_tongue:

Garry was already set on having the map void of pre-made buildings so that towns are solely built upon by players.

Thanks for the feedback guys! :smile:

I didn’t hear this, but thanks for informing me.

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I especially love this idea, expanding the gameplay to a point where to survive you have to rely heavily on living off the land. Additions of several new plants and animals to aid in survival would really be great, especially rivers, where lots of life is, including fish. It would be zones around where civilization is rebuilt, and where people will fight for control of major resources, all problems faced in the history of man, even to this day, which fit perfectly in the scenario of an irradiated island where survive or die trying is the main point.

I’ve always loved the idea of taking over houses and maybe even malls and walling them off, i like that. i feel like there should be atleast 1 legit town, you know? i feel like it would add more. i could see people struggling to reform and rebuild it.

Yeah, a mall would be really cool, where you can break in and grab some cans of food or something. Or take control of it and sell off food to people in exchange for ammo or other goods. Of course in a scenario like this, it would have to be canned goods and heavily preserved foodstuffs, since chances are it has been sitting out for a long time. It would be something people would struggle for control over, and as for houses, I like the idea of just slapping a door on one in an emergency, though the houses should still be destructible in my opinion, or just as raidable as others.

I like how the map is now and how the new one is proposed to be - as though its a remote, sparse area that survivors of some unspecified global disaster have struggled to arrive at.

I agree on this, i also know zombies are just place holders i think they are working on mutated creatures as enemies. Maybe a mutated counterpart of the animals already in game and i also wonder if the new map will be just a addition to the old one.

Berry bushes is an awesome idea!

Imagine a bush that stays in the game 24/7, and the berrys would only respawn in the bush once a day… On a way that you could actually see the BERRYS in the bush.

It would be great. Aswell as some different berry colors so that you could extract some DYE’s from it in order to recolor your CLOTHES.

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As for TOWN Areas, i think that a reasonable TOWN in the island would e great for different things.

The BLUEPRINT idea that _Wouter i think it’s a good idea. Making so that the certain blue prints could only drop in certain areas. That encourage people to trade blueprints between them…

Following this, the TOWN, could have the rarest blueprints with a very low DROP-RATE…

Explosive Charges

just some thoughts.

I think ammo should be more rare as well, only dropping in towns (should they stay) or from the plane. The crafting recipe should be more.complex, where it takes metal fragment, gun powder, and lead ore (the lead ore having previously been casted into a bullet of varying diameter depending on need.) Crafting of a reloading bench would be cool too, where you can remake ammo with spent shell casings, so as to save your metal.