Map Leak through the wall?

Map is giving me numportals error when loading in Garry’s Mod.
The point-file is showing a leak, but the leak is going from a prop and through a wall?

Is the prop sticking through the floor? It could be that. Or is the wall a func_detail on the edge of the world?

is it a func_detail or some form of entity?
make sure it is a world brush

It’s the lamp top which is a prop_static and the wall is a normal world brush.

Is the block off grid at all?

No its on Snap to Grid and I even tried creating a new world brush and deleted the old one and still leaking.

Are there any tool textures being used such as playerclip, hint, or skip?

not including nodraw and skybox

Could we get a compile log?

Is that texture custom? if a texture on a wall has $translucent 1 in the vmt, that brush will not seal.