Map Leak

So i open hammer, i compiled a map of mine and it said i had a leak or something. So i loaded a pointfile and i saw this

uhh… what do i do?

Unload pointfile and try to find it manually? (LOL @ /failure)

Perhaps upload compile log.

It means you have a leak EVERYWHERE

Finish map then compile


Also cover up the grid on the front view more so that it doesn’t look as fake.


Rated artistic for effort

You’re seeing things, the box is just red. No grid at all.

look where it says “front”

Did you remember a skybox?

Either way…wow…that is one massive leak…

It’s not a real picture… this guy is just, I don’t know.

If you look at the front perspective window, right below where it says “front (y/z)”, you can see just a few TINY stubs of the grid…

(Although I could be wrong, but I have NEVER seen anything like this before and it’s that tiny imperfection in the picture that does lead me to believe it’s fake.)

Hehe you know it was supposed to be a joke to make you laugh a little bit right?
Seriously imagine opening a pointfile and just seeing RED. Honestly would you just put a box around it? i dont even know.

Nice job spotting those grid lines, i saw them earlier but i actually thought at the time they were the “Front” black box acting wierd. Also smart move removing them, i totally woulda reposted it ^.^ (Of course you know i could just delete the original image because you used the same host, then rehost it myself making it look like your post simply had a corrupted link)

Just figured the mapping section could use a giggle or two <3

I did laugh though…

It would be awesome if this could happen for real…

(Maybe, just maybe, create a large sphere and carve it out MANY times, see if it compiles and load the point file :p)

Could get the same effect by copy/pasting the exact same brush ontop of itself then selecting them all too.

not funny at all…

Chance you’ve never opened a pointfile before

Chance you’re just trolling the mapping section

Chance that hes actually a mapper
Oh wait he is one.

Then hes just mean ):

Delete the map and start over.

Wow that was the most unfunny thing I’ve ever seen anyone do.

Hahahaha, oh my God… I wish it was possible to be bad enough to do that.

It is…just has never happened here…


Oddly enough this joke was inspired by a circular red line about 200 units off to the side of my map that said i had a leak that went around in a circle o-0

I really had no clue what caused it, and after i boxed it in the silly thing still showed up. I gave up and redid all the walls in my map which seemed to fix it. Even though i hadn’t moved the walls since i had done them the first time…

Well it was a sorta squareish circle (leaks tend to move in straight lines most the time)

Anyways i figured “wait a second… was it circling the area that had a leak? Or was an entity leaking onto itself?”

Eventually i came to the conclusion that it might have been multiple leaks that all lead from the same place to the same place ( just different paths) Making a rounded shape. (But i think the engine only shows one leak at a time)

So i messed up something bad enough to confuse me and make me realize pointfiles just point out you screwed up, and half the time they don’t point WHERE. So as you can see in the above picture… you know you messed up, but may the god of mapping save your soul.