Map legal rights

Hi guys, I got this map made for my Garry’s mod server, it isn’t on the workshop and is only on fastdl cause only I intended to be able to use it. Recently a server popped up using it, are they allowed to use it or not. I was told by the map creator that only I could use it unless I say otherwise. What do I tell the guy using the map?

Is fastdl is the thing that allow me to keep ur map?
I don’t think he is allowed though

I seem to remember Valve saying something along the lines of “Anything made with our tools is ours, but you can use them.” If so, you’re SOL I might be wrong there. If I am:

Have the map author DMCA (or whatever applies to your/the hosts’ country) the map. It helps to know exactly where on the server it is, you’ll need that for a valid DMCA. If they refuse to comply, your only option is to sue.

Keep in mind, if it’s on another server, by now it’s on 10 more. It’ll be a war of attrition at best.

Also see below for map obfuscation to prevent them being stolen in the future vvv

In the future, you can use this to prevent others from running your map:

What does that do exactly?

Without the entity lump hosted by the server, the map is useless. It’ll be functionally broken.

Alright cool, how do I use the program?

I’m not sure exactly. You may be able to google up some documentation. The general gist is that this program extracts the entity lump and deletes it from the BSP, and you place the entity lump in the appropriate directory on your server and it will use that instead.

I don’t know where it goes, though.

I do assume I place that entity lump into the map folder.

Of the server, but not on the fastdl nor on the clients because in that case it will be as easy as it was for them to steal it again

Thank you.