Map - Leveloverview

is it possible to get get an leveloverview like you can create in counterstrike with cl_leveloverview
but as lua code?
so it will be safed as .png or .jpg and i can use it for an ingame map that can be toggled on and off

or can i add a camera that make a png or jpg?

or just a camera that i can look from in a derma-window

For a camera you can look at in a derma window,


For the level overview, I don’t quite know, probably a DImage but it might be hard to find the overview texture

You can use render.RenderView for a Minimap, since you want one, for images, its hard to define, where in the JPEG the player is, as said, go with rendering it, there are plenty out there, and many tutorials for simple radars, even the link above, with renderview, should still contain the old tutorial.

thanks for the help, i got it to work :slight_smile: