map lighting and custom npc's

Ive been mapping for a while for my machinima series and Im trying to improve various areas. Mainly lighting. I suck at lighting. Mainly the light_enviroment entity. I just cannot figure out for the life of me how to make it work the way I want. I have made a small map with a long and tall room. On each side there are massive windows that would illuminate the whole place if the sun shone directly through it. However, using the ligh_enviroment it only illuminates a small portion of the room in a dull light and the rest of the map and shadows are really dull.

Secondly, I have a question about the jumping animations for npc’s. Say, one wants to jump off a ledge. I found the three separate animations for pushing themselves off the ledge, them gliding through the air and them landing. I am pretty experienced in the art of scripted_sequences and faceposer but I just can’t get it to work.

And thirdly, for my machinima I want to use custom npc skins, for example the zombies in zombie master and the custom citizen skins again from zombie master.

Any insight into this would be much appreciated


For the lighting.

If you want NPC’s to jump, all you need to do, is have info_nodes near a info_node_hints.
You need 2 info_node_hints, one on the end of the ledge (where they jump from) and one at the bottom. Select both info_node_hint, go to properties of both, click on hint>Override jump permission. The NPC’s will only jump, if they wont get hurt.

For the skins, if you have one already downloaded, just move it into your game\materials folder and it should override the default skins.

ok cool i understand but changing the skybox doesnt directly change the lighting…does it?. secondly how do you make an npc move from one info node to the next. preferably npc_barney. and thirdly, i put the skins in the materials folder in the half life 2 directory but it doesnt do anything…anywere more specific i should put it?

No, changing the sky doesn’t effect the lighting, thats what a light_environment is for. The link is so you get the values you want.

npc_barney will follow you, so if you node the path you are going he should go from one to another. If not you could always make a path_corner, name it, and set barney’s target corner to the path_corner.

For 3rd.