map lighting HELP!

anyone know why my map is dark. Like when it starts i see the skybox but everything else is black and i have to use the flashlight to get around?

I am building this in Hammer editor and everything seems fine as far as the compile log goes

modify your light_enviorments pitch to a negative value.

ok I’m kinda newish at this, can you tell me how to do this?
I am wondering if its the skybox causing this problem also

there is a list of skyboxes and the Light

already been there but it doesn’t tell me how to change the lighting


I think i fixed it

mat_fullbright 1 was set to mat_fullbright 0

this made it bright again so i can see

And now you have no shadows whatsoever. Such a conundrum!

No that’s not how you fix it.

Have you placed an light_environment in your map? If you haven’t, do it. Then match the settings with the numbers under the picture of the skybox on the VDC skylist.

If that doesn’t fix it I believe you have a leak.

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oh and mat_fullbright **should **be set to 0.

ok i’ll add it, but right now i’m needing to beta test the props positions etc. so fullbright is ok for the time being

also i did leak checking and no leaks found

Well, put a light_enviroment or just a light over a small place.
Use the tool, entities.

i got it, just need to adjust the angle of the sun. seems abit too dim like sunset. IDK may be ok though. Here is a pic of it so far.

I cant help but stare at the low res grass and dirt walkway thingy.

lol it’s the basis of the map haha i haven’t detailed anything yet

@Up Well even basic maps have better looking grass

Same there…

dont hate on my low res grassage…
yeah i do have it all turned to low res here on my PC…ehh i know what it looks like in high res etc. like i said its all while i’m working on this map then i turn it back up.

This reminds me of Cakeguy’s narrow guage train map from, what was it this February?

This one has narrow and standard size tracks. so far its a pretty big map, I’m making it to go with my mining mod I coded. narrow gauge is for the mining cart trains where standard is for mainline etc. eventually it will have a point to go underground and so on but for now it has surface nodes until i “cut out” the sub-terrain entry points. From there it will be a darker section with lights placed in areas and most of the mining will be done there.
mainline is about finished, double track with crossover points, 6 lane modular yard, Loco fuel station, also a branch line to interact with the narrow gauge system (combined turntable with standard and narrow track on it)
Also somewhat of a basic town like area. nothing fancy as of yet

new double turntable section

small mountain pass (idea from Marias Pass in Montana)

a crossover section with signals

I know some of its low res, thats on purpose at the moment and is just for testing purposes etc.
Stop hatein’ on muh low res :stuck_out_tongue:

Not to sound like an advertiser, but you may want to get to know more people around GRW (you already know a few) to get the best tips on train-related maps.

done it lol

It still looks like you have mat_fullbright set to 1.

no its not set to 1. I set the sun angle to a higher point. You can see it in the top pic , the other pics are older when i did have it set to 1