Map loading fail D:

Hi all, I’ve a ******* problem with gmod, I come back on this game after some month and map like gooniverse, sb_twinsun fixed and stuff like this fail at loading, crashing my game or :

CModelLoader::Map_IsValid: No such map ‘maps/sb_twinsuns_fixed.bsp’
map load failed: sb_twinsuns_fixed not found or invalid

It’s VERY annoying D:

Thx for help !

  1. No need to censor curse words, it’s the internet.
  2. Make your sentences understandable
  3. redownload the maps
  1. Fuck this :smiley:
  2. Sorry I’m French :S
  3. Done for twinsun and nothing :confused:

are you trying to play single player or multiplayer?

Single :confused:

I think the problems come with SB3, I try to fix and …
W8 and see.

You being lazy :eng101:


Lol, I think the bug comes from and the gamemode version of SB3.

Grrrrr :argh:

I dont understand… :gooncamp:

It’s ok now :confused:

But what happened ?
The weapon of SB3 are down now ? They was working some months ago D: