Map log error - physics VERY FULL

Hello, I have a serious error on my map, the shadows are flashing and cut half at displacement, i found this
physics [variable] 19031953/4194304 (453.8%) VERY FULL!
in the compile log and I’m almost sure this is the problem, can someone explain this?

300% is the max for those limits. What the hell are you doing with that much physics?

Well, i haven’t used any prop_physics so I don’t know, what does this “physics” include?

physbox, any of the phys entities.

Can it make the shadows flash?

Check your displacements and see if you are using a power of 4.

Nope, I’m using 3

Can we get a picture of the vmf

But, I’ll check one by one

Also…post the full compile log.

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the full compile log is really long because there are a lot of texture and etc bug

Copy the compile log on and link the location.

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It uses a little disp 4, but only 3,4 of the 500 xD

Get rid of the power 4 displacement. It will cause VRAD Physics errors. Also, you’re using the wrong entity class for some of your props. They should be “prop_physics” entities.

WARNING: Map using power 4 displacements, terrain physics cannot be compressed, map will need additional memory and CPU.

Wait, i fixed the 4 disp, let me compile it, takes 5-6 mins

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ok, i found more, it takes a bit more time than i tought

Problem solved i guess

I hope so, but let’s wait till the end of the compile xd

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physics [variable] 1682675/4194304 (40.1%) THANK YOU ALL :smiley:

I’m Glad to see this worked out!

:S shadow still bugs :confused: any idea?

Can you post an image of those bugs?