Map maker and/or Model maker Needed

I am working on a SFM/GMod Machinima. I have just about everything I need, but for a number of episodes I have planned and scenes, I will need new maps. This won’t be a day-to-day thing, so it’s not like you have to make a new one every day. I just need basic maps every now and again.

Also, I need someone to re-skin and make models for the actors. I should only need a few of them since a lot of what I need already exist. I would just need a normal looking main character, his best friend, his best friend’s girlfriend, and his girlfriend. I imagine this won’t be difficult to make. I also need models and npcs that wear suits. I need one of the two guys wearing suits, and the girls in dresses. These should be separate from the normal-looking models I mentioned. I may also need your help in the future, so bear that in mind.

Steam username: Sniper (or ctm_sniper)

You probably won’t find anyone if you don’t give out some details, because no one will join a project with no idea what it’s about…

You do realize that this won’t be free?

Ask the mapping and modelling sections, and you’re very unlikely to find anyone to do this for free.