map maker needed for map edit

hi my name is wolf and i own the community element servers and we are looking for a reputable map maker to make a venator edit for our swrp server currently i am able to offer 40 dollars


40 dollars for what

for a edit of Venator v2 into a custom version with what we want like a sim room and some other stuff

I personally have decompiled Venator and it was a mess, personally I wouldn’t touch for no less than $200. And that’s before I’m actually fucking around with the map.
You need to add info, what you need done? Is it a small edit? Is it a big one? Have you got the map maker’s permission or are you going to pay someone to steal someone’s map?
Mapping is very time consuming, and acquiring the skills to do it well takes years. It’s almost insulting when you come on the board and offer 3 hours work at maccas for what is our art. :confused:

well sorry ive never done this kind of thing before

Not once have I seen a mapper for hire post on face-punch where the advertiser actually describes what the work they want done.

One day I might, hopefully. go on this site instead of facepunch forums for job requests.

what an extravagant use of the english language

very descriptive